In-Plane Displacement and Strain Image Analysis

In-Plane Displacement and Strain Image Analysis, Almeida, Graça, Melício Fernando, Biscaia Hugo, Chastre Carlos, and Fonseca José Manuel , Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 24 February 2015, Volume 31, Number 4, p.292-304, (2016) copy at


Measurements in civil engineering load tests usually require considerable time and complex procedures. Therefore, measurements are usually constrained by the number of sensors resulting in a restricted monitored area. Image processing analysis is an alternative way that enables the measurement of the complete area of interest with a simple and effective setup. In this article photo sequences taken during load displacement tests were captured by a digital camera and processed with image correlation algorithms. Three different image processing algorithms were used with real images taken from tests using specimens of PVC and Plexiglas. The data obtained from the image processing algorithms were also compared with the data from physical sensors. A complete displacement and strain map were obtained. Results show that the accuracy of the measurements obtained by photogrammetry is equivalent to that from the physical sensors but with much less equipment and fewer setup requirements.



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