Concrete Surface

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Factors influencing the performance of externally bonded reinforcement systems of GFRP-to-concrete interfaces, Biscaia, Hugo C., Silva Manuel A. G., and Chastre Carlos , Materials and Structures, 2014/06/29, Volume 48, Issue 9, p.2961-2981, (2015) AbstractWebsite

Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites may prematurely debond from the surface of concrete, i.e. before its elastic resistance is exhausted. This is a very common situation and can be aggravated if additional factors are not taken into account. These factors include the type of surface preparation, the exposure to aggressive environmental action, the tensile concrete strength or fatigue and creep loading to which the structural element may be subject. An experimental programme based on double shear tests was undertaken to analyse the influence of some of these factors on the performance of the interface between composite glass fibres (GFRP) and concrete. The results allowed the determination and comparison of maximum loads transmitted to the GFRP plates and maximum bond stresses obtained considering various surface treatments and aging conditions. Bond–slip curves were also determined. The experimental results are compared with those obtained from a numerical analysis.