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Chastre Rodrigues, C.  1993.  Comportamento da Ligação Aço-Resina-Betão em Elementos Estruturais, 1993. Departamento de Engenharia Civil, Instituto Superior Técnico. MSc, Lisboa: Universidade Técnica de Lisboa Abstract1993_-_msc-_ist_-_carlos_chastre_-_comportamento_da_ligacao_aco-resina-betao_em_elementos_estruturais.pdf

The present work studies the behaviour of bonded steel plates to reinforced concrete elements, which can be used in the strengthening of concrete structural elements. Metallic expansion bolts can be added.The objective of this dissertation is to investigate the behaviour to monotonic actions and particularly to cyclic loading of steel-epoxy-concrete connection with expansion bolts. This cyclic action is of particular interest due to the strong seismicity of the Portuguese territory.The research is mainly based in experimental analysis. The caracterization of the materials was carried out. Six models of the steel-epoxy connection were tested with monotonic loading. Twenty six models of steel-epoxy-concrete bond were submitted either to monotonic or to cyclic actions.Besides the type of action, other parameters were studied in the steel-epoxy-concrete connection models.These were the bond geometry area, the type of concrete, the type of epoxy and connection - with or without metallic expansion bolts.A parametric study with a numerical model of finite elements, as well as a global analysis of the experimental tests of the steel-epoxy-concrete connection was carried out.