Model uncertainty of recycled aggregate concrete beams subjected to bending

Model uncertainty of recycled aggregate concrete beams subjected to bending, Pacheco, J., de Brito J., Chastre C., and Evangelista L. , HISER International Conference on Advances in Recycling and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste, 21-22-23 June 20, Delft, The Netherlands, (2017) copy at

Date Presented:

21-22-23 June 20


This paper investigates whether the model uncertainty of reinforced recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) beams subjected to bending differs from that of reinforced natural aggregate concrete (NAC) beams. An introductory remark concerning the importance of the codification of RAC structural design is made and notions concerning model uncertainties and their role on structural codification are given. Afterwards, the criteria used in the construction of a database of RAC and NAC beams are referred before presenting the key findings of an analysis on the model uncertainty of the cracking, yielding and ultimate moments of beams subjected to four-point bending tests. The analytical moments were calculated following Eurocode 2 provisions. Probabilistic models for model uncertainties are proposed. Negligible differences in the model uncertainty of NAC and RAC beams are reported.


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