Flexural Behaviour of RC T-Beams Strengthened with Different FRP Materials

Flexural Behaviour of RC T-Beams Strengthened with Different FRP Materials, Carvalho, Tiago, Chastre Carlos, Biscaia Hugo, and Paula Raquel , The Third International fib Congress and Exhibition "Think Globally, Build Locally", , Washington DC, (2010) copy at https://docentes.fct.unl.pt/cmcr/publications/flexural-behaviour-rc-t-beams-strengthened-different-frp-materials


The strengthening of reinforced concrete structures with FRP materials has received a
considerable increment in recent years due to the high strength-weight and stiffness-weight
ratios of FRP compared to other materials.
An experimental programme was conducted in order to analyse the behaviour of different
structural solutions to strengthen reinforced concrete beams with FRP composites (EBR
GFRP, EBR CFRP, NSRM-CFRP) and is described. The RC T beams had a 3m span by 0.3m
height and were tested until rupture in a 4-point bending test system.
The NSMR technique has proved to be the most effective of the three alternatives tested, as it
obtained high strength, combined with high ductility. Nevertheless, all the systems show
great strength increment in relation to the non retrofitted T-beams, proving to be effective
approaches to the flexural strengthening of RC beams.