Displacement measurements with ARPS in T-beams load tests

Displacement measurements with ARPS in T-beams load tests, Almeida, G., Melicio F., Chastre C., and Fonseca J. , Volume 349 AICT, p.286-293, (2011) copy at https://docentes.fct.unl.pt/cmcr/publications/displacement-measurements-arps-t-beams-load-tests


The measurement of deformations, displacements, strain fields and surface defects in many material tests in Civil Engineering is a very important issue. However, these measurements require complex and expensive equipment and the calibration process is difficult and time consuming. Image processing could be a major improvement, because a simple camera makes the data acquisition and the analysis of the entire area of the material under study without requiring any other equipment like in the traditional method. Digital image correlation (DIC) is a method that examines consecutive images, taken during the deformation period, and detects the movements based on a mathematical correlation algorithm. In this paper, block-matching algorithms are used in order to compare the results from image processing and the data obtained with linear voltage displacement transducer (LVDT) sensors during laboratorial load tests of T-beams. © 2011 IFIP International Federation for Information Processing.


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