A new gnathosaurine (Pterosauria, Archaeopterodactyloidea) from the Late Jurassic of Portugal

Fernandes, A. E., Beccari V., Kellner A. W. A., & Mateus O. (2023).  A new gnathosaurine (Pterosauria, Archaeopterodactyloidea) from the Late Jurassic of Portugal. PeerJ. 11, e16048.


An incomplete, yet remarkably-sized dentated rostrum and associated partial cervical vertebrae of a pterosaur (ML 2554) were recently discovered from the Late Jurassic (Late Kimmeridgian-Early Tithonian) Lourinhã Formation of Praia do Caniçal, of central west Portugal. This specimen exhibits features such as a spatulated anterior expansion of the rostrum, robust comb-like dentition, and pronounced rims of the tooth alveoli, indicating gnathosaurine affinities. Based on its further unique tooth and dentary morphology, a new genus and species, \textit{Lusognathus almadrava} gen. et spec. nov., is proposed, making this the first named pterosaur species found within Portugal. The presence of this taxon adds yet another element to the fluvio-deltaic lagoonal environment that has been suggested as representative of the Lourinhã Formation in the Late Jurassic, further contributing to the diversity and distribution of gnathosaurines worldwide.



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