Cyclic compression behaviour of polymer concrete

Cyclic compression behaviour of polymer concrete, Rodrigues, Chastre C., and Silva Manuel A. G. , Journal of Polymer Engineering, Volume 27, Number 6-7, p.525-545, (2007) copy at


Polymeric mortars or concrete are special building materials which can be used to repair or strengthen localized areas of structural elements. Following research on the behaviour of retrofitting reinforced concrete circular columns with FRP composite materials and bearing in mind the high strength of polymer concretes, it was decided to develop a solution to seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete columns with polymer concrete. The mechanical characteristics of different polymer concretes and especially their performance when subjected to cyclic axial compression, several bending tests, and monotonic and cyclic axial compression tests were studied, namely the compressive strength, the tensile strength on bending and the Young's modulus. Columns were also tested under axial compression and cyclic horizontal loads. The results of these tests are shown and interpreted. It is concluded that the improved behaviour in monotonic compression of polymer concrete is essentially associated with better strength characteristics of resin, whereas its superior behaviour under cyclic loading is linked to a smoother aggregate grading curve.


ISI Document Delivery No.: 238EUTimes Cited: 1Cited Reference Count: 17Rodrigues, C. Chastre Silva, Manuel A. G.

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