Racionalização industrial: novos desafios a sociologia industrial contemporânea

Moniz, António B. "Racionalização industrial: novos desafios a sociologia industrial contemporânea." Arquipélago/Ciências Sociais (1991): 17-40.


Industrial rationalization represents a decisive moment of the strategic development of business activities in the last few years. In this sense, it is also a theoretical challenge to Industrial Sociology, since the dimensions, both technical and social, of that rationalization can be underlined. The analysis of the better-known different patterns of rationalization allows us a further knowledge of the main strategies for industrial modernization. Accordingly, this paper presents some results deriving from the application of those strategies. Finally, this paper gives a particular attention to the more recent tendencies of development of integrated systems of production, particularly of those focusing upon the social and organizational aspects of industrial rationalization.

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