InGaZnO thin-film-transistor-based four-quadrant high-gain analog multiplier on glass

Bahubalindruni, P.G.a, Tavares Borme De Oliveira Martins Fortunato Barquinha V. G. b J. "InGaZnO thin-film-transistor-based four-quadrant high-gain analog multiplier on glass." IEEE Electron Device Letters. 37 (2016): 419-421.


This letter presents a novel high-gain four-quadrant analog multiplier using only n-type enhancement indium- gallium-zinc-oxide thin-film-transistors. The proposed circuit improves the gain by using an active load with positive feedback. A Gilbert cell with a diode-connected load is also presented for comparison purposes. Both circuits were fabricated on glass at low temperature (200 °C) and were successfully characterized at room temperature under normal ambient conditions, with a power supply of 15 V and 4-pF capacitive load. The novel circuit has shown a gain improvement of 7.2 dB over the Gilbert cell with the diode-connected load. Static linearity response, total harmonic distortion, frequency response, and power consumption are reported. This circuit is an important signal processing building block in large-area sensing and readout systems, specially if data communication is involved. © 2016 IEEE.


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