Selected 5 granted patents (out of 55 granted and 14 pending)
1. E. Fortunato, R. Martins, ““Use of cellulose and bio-organic based paper simultaneously as physical support and dielectric component in field effect electronic and optoelectronic based devices”. Owner: FCT-UNL”, Portugal PAT 40050/09;Mexico, PTI-MX 42405/10; Russia PTI-RU 42410/10; Japan, PTI-JP 42413/10; Australia, PTI-AU 42415/10.

2. E. Fortunato, R. Martins, L. Pereira, P. Barquinha & N. Correia, Process of Creation and use of paper based on natural cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers or mixed fibers as physical support and storing medium for electrical and ionic charges in self-sustaining field effect transistors with memory using active semiconductor oxides. Owner: FCT-UNL. PT, PAT 40051/09; Mexico PTI-MX 42418/10; Russia, PTI-RU 42422/10; Jp, PTI-JP 42425/10; Australia, PTI-AU 42427/10.

3. R. Martins E. Fortunato, P. Baptista, “Detection and quantification system of biological matter constituted by one or more optical sensors and one or more light sources, associated process and respective uses. Owner: FCT-UNL.
Spain PTE-ES 43934/11; UK PTE-GB 43935/11; France, PTE-FR 43936/11; Germany PTE-DE 43937/11; Ireland, PTE-IE 43938/11; Portugal PTE 43949/11; USA PTI-US 40003/09; South Africa PTI-ZA 40004/09.

4. R. Martins and E. Fortunato, “Electronic Semiconductor devices based on copper nickel and Gallium-Tin-Zinc-Copper-Titanium p and n-type oxides, their applications and corresponding fabrication manufacturing Processes. Owner: FCT-UNL. Austrália, PTI-AU 40653/09; Canada, PTI-CA 40654/09; USA, PTI-US 40656/09.

5. R. Martins, E. Fortunato, “Electrochromic Thin Film Transistors with lateral or vertical structure using functionalized or non-functionalized substrates and method of manufacturing the same”. Owner: FCT-UNL. South Africa, PTI-ZA 44507/11; USA, PTI-US 46369/12; Brasil, PTI-BR 46370/12.