Public Communication of Science

I have a strong experience in public communication towards stakeholders as a consequence of my involvement as President of the European Materials Research Society as well as of its Senate for about 4.5 years. On 2012, during the Denmark presidency of EU, I was responsible to sign the Arhus declaration (Declaration at the Industrial Technologies 2012) involving the main representatives from Academia in the field of Materials (E-MRs and FEMS) and from industry to promote the key area of Materials as the main enabler to serve multi-sectors. This involvement has been consolidated by being involved since then in the organization committees of the different EU presidencies, involving in the definition and discussion about issues related to Advanced Materials, Nanotechnologies and Manufacturing. I will also involved in the definition of the program for science and technology during the Malta EU Presidency (2017).

Moreover, I am active in promoting research also close to citizens, as it is committed by the deep involvement of the materials science Department that I am running almost by more than 25 years, with key impact close to high school students.