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Costa, P. M., S. Caeiro, M. S. Diniz, J. Lobo, M. Martins, A. M. Ferreira, M. Caetano, C. Vale, T. Á. DelValls, and M. H. Costa. "Biochemical endpoints on juvenile Solea senegalensis exposed to estuarine sediments: The effect of contaminant mixtures on metallothionein and CYP1A induction." Ecotoxicology. 18 (2009): 988-1000. AbstractWebsite
Freitas, A. C., F. Ferreira, A. M. Costa, R. Pereira, S. C. Antunes, F. Gonçalves, T. A. P. Rocha-Santos, M. S. Diniz, L. Castro, I. Peres, and A. C. Duarte. "Biological treatment of the effluent from a bleached kraft pulp mill using basidiomycete and zygomycete fungi." Science of the Total Environment. 407 (2009): 3282-3289. AbstractWebsite
Núñez, C., C. Silva López, O. N. Faza, J. Fernández-Lodeiro, M. Diniz, R. Bastida, J. L. Capelo, and C. Lodeiro. "Bis(o-methylserotonin)-containing iridium(III) and ruthenium(II) complexes as new cellular imaging dyes: Synthesis, applications, and photophysical and computational studies." Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 18 (2013): 679-692. AbstractWebsite