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Mário Diniz is Associate Professor in Biochemistry at the Chemistry Department, School of Science & Technology at NOVA University (FCT NOVA, Lisbon, PT). He is member of the UCIBIO committee board at FCT NOVA and is member in several management or scientific commissions at FCT NOVA. 

I have been working mainly in the field of Environmental Sciences, and I have a strong motivation to develop and lead research teams and challenging scientific projects that allow me to improve as a scientist and contribute to the progress of society.

I have a PhD in Environmental Sciences by FCT NOVA (PT). Part of my PhD was developed at University of Lorraine (Metz, FR), and then, starting in 2006, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI, PT) and FCT NOVA. Next, I was a fully independent Assistant Researcher at REQUIMTE (FCT NOVA).

I am former co-Head of the research Bioscope lab at FCT NOVA (2013) and then I created a new research lab in 2015 (BioTox), of which I am the Head.

Since 2009 I gathered a highly qualified and international research team of 10 post-doctoral fellows, 15 PhD, 24 MSc and several national and international undergraduate students. I have participated in 35 research projects, 5 of which as coordinator. I collaborate with national and international research institutes, Universities and companies. 

Since 2014, as professor I am lecturing subjects at the BSc and MSc levels (e.g. Environmental Biochemistry, Biochemistry, Marine Biotechnology & Molecular and Cell Toxicology). I also lectured subjects in PhD programs at FCT NOVA (e.g.  Advanced food chemistry, Nanotoxicology). I was also invited by other Universities (Spain and Portugal) to lecture in MSc and PhD.

My research is reflected in more than 160 publications, 25 invited oral communications, 93 oral and more than 160 poster presentations at conferences, merited with 6 awards.