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Lopes, A. R., K. Trübenbach, T. Teixeira, V. M. Lopes, V. Pires, M. Baptista, T. Repolho, R. Calado, M. Diniz, and R. Rosa. "Oxidative stress in deep scattering layers: Heat shock response and antioxidant enzymes activities of myctophid fishes thriving in oxygen minimum zones." Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 82 (2013): 10-16. AbstractWebsite
Larguinho, M., P. M. Costa, G. Sousa, M. H. Costa, M. S. Diniz, and P. V. Baptista. "Histopathological findings on Carassius auratus hepatopancreas upon exposure to acrylamide: Correlation with genotoxicity and metabolic alterations." Journal of Applied Toxicology (2013). AbstractWebsite