Evaluation of waste materials as alternative sources of filler in asphalt mixtures

Antunes, V., A. C. Freire, L. Quaresma, and R. Micaelo. "Evaluation of waste materials as alternative sources of filler in asphalt mixtures." Materials and Structures. 50 (2017): 254.


There are many different ways to reduce the construction industry's impact on environment. The incorporation of waste in the fabrication of construction materials may be beneficial for both the waste management sector and the construction industry. The aim of this research was to investigate the use of three different waste materials (construction and demolition waste, brick powder and fly ash) as filler in asphalt mixtures. Limestone filler was used as reference material. The materials were characterized in terms of their geometrical, physical and chemical properties, and the interaction with bitumen was assessed with two mastic test methods using four different bitumens. The specific surface of waste materials shows a wide-ranging variation due to material specific shape and texture of particles. However, the Rigden voids and bitumen number tests adequately measure the stiffening effect of these materials. The delta ring and ball test results showed there is a good relation with the filler content when the results are affected by the bitumen type. The f/b ratio for a specific bitumen–filler combination can be determined from the maximum filler-to-bitumen ratio and the recommended stiffening increase. The mastics with these waste materials showed strong resistance to water damage.



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