Weather Monitoring System for Renewable Energy Power Production Correlation

Afonso, M., P. Pereira, and J. Martins, "Weather Monitoring System for Renewable Energy Power Production Correlation", Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2011, vol. 349, Costa de Caparica - Portugal, Springer Boston, pp. 481-490, 2011.


This work describes the development of a system designed for renewable power generation integration. It continuously acquires wind, solar and temperature data, which is automatically correlated with energy parameters, obtained from renewable energy systems. The developed system was installed in an urban building equipped with photovoltaic cells and wind renewable generation. To validate the developed application, it was analyzed data of a wind generator and a set of photovoltaic panels, installed near to the weather station. The developed application allows, in addition to the acquisition of weather and energy data, their continuous monitoring and correlation through a graphical user interface, providing a friendly interactivity with the user.



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