Interoperability: A Data Conversion Framework to Support Energy Simulation

Paiva, L., P. Pereira, B. Almeida, P. Maló, J. Hyvärinen, K. Klobut, V. Dimitriou, and T. Hassan, "Interoperability: A Data Conversion Framework to Support Energy Simulation", Sustainable Places 2017, vol. 1, no. 7, 2017.


In this paper an interoperability solution is proposed, aiming to go from (building) construction models to energy simulation. Moreover, the energy simulation results will feed the KPI’s analysis of a designed building. The proposed solution will be used to translate different data formats allowing the communication between different systems in an automated environment. The solution presented in this paper exploits the concept of Plug’n’Interoperate (PnI), that is supported by the principle of self-configuration as to automate, as much as possible, the configuration and participation of systems into a shared interoperability environment. In order to validate this approach two different scenarios were taken into account, translating from a CAD (Computer- Aided Design) model data format to an energy simulation data format.


DOI: 10.3390/proceedings1070695

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