He was born in Porto, 1977. Received his PhD and MSc degree in Electrotechnical Engineering from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (University NOVA of Lisbon), Portugal, in 2013 and 2005 respectively. Since 2005, he is working at the Electrotechnical Engineering Department, Faculty of Sciences and Technology – NOVA (FCT NOVA). At the same time, he has been working with the Energy Research Group (UNINOVA-CTS), where his main areas of interest are: Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In recent years, he has also worked in electrical circuits optimization project applying evolutionary algorithms for RF circuits, and low-power design.

Furthermore, since 2009 he’s the Engineer responsible for the electric network of the Faculty Campus, where besides the traditional tasks as maintenance or security, his mission is to implement energy saving measures.

Research Interests: 
  • Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency;
  • Evolutionary Algorithms;
  • RF circuits, and low-power design.

Ed. X, Gab.: 2.14
Phone: (+351) 212948545 ext. 11938
Fax: (+351) 212948532
E-mail: pmrp (at) fct.unl.pt