Sustainable Heritage Management Towards Mass Tourism Impact: the HERIT-DATA project

Pereira, P., and J. Martins, "Sustainable Heritage Management Towards Mass Tourism Impact: the HERIT-DATA project", 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems IS’18, Madeira - PT, IEEE, 25-27 Sep., 2018.

Date Presented:

25-27 Sep.


Although tourism is a major engine of economic growth, it also creates a burden hard to manage, and has a great impact on the conservation of the heritage. The HERIT-DATA project aims to reduce the impact of human activities, related to tourism, on cultural heritage, with a special focus on two kind of cultural destinations that can benefit from and be affected by mass tourism: Old towns and places of specific cultural heritage or archaeological interest for visitors, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In that framework, HERIT-DATA plans to develop of a sustainable and responsible tourism management towards cultural heritage in MED regions, in particular by taking advantage of technology and innovation in management tools (Smart Cities), as well as other policy and social measures.



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