Using Variable Width RF Integrated Inductors for Quality Factor Optimization

Almeida, P., P. Pereira, and H. Fino, "Using Variable Width RF Integrated Inductors for Quality Factor Optimization", Technological Innovation for the Internet of Things, vol. 394: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 619-627, 2013.


The advancement of CMOS technology led to the integration of more complex functions. In the particular of wireless transceivers, integrated LC tanks are becoming popular both for VCOs and integrated filters [1]. For RF applications the main challenge is still the design of integrated inductors with the maximum quality factor. For that purpose, tapered, i.e., variable width inductors have been proposed in the literature. In this paper, analytical expressions for the determination the pi-model parameters, for the characterization of variable width integrated inductors are proposed. The expressions rely exclusively on geometrical and technological parameters, thus granting the rapid adaptation of the model to different technologies. The results obtained with the model are compared against simulation with ASITIC, showing errors below 10%. The model is then integrated into an optimization procedure where inductors with a quality factor improvement in the order of 20-30% are obtained, when compared with fixed width inductors.


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