Using discrete-variable optimization for CMOS spiral inductor design

Pereira, P., M. H. Fino, and F. V. Coito, "Using discrete-variable optimization for CMOS spiral inductor design", Proc. Int Microelectronics (ICM) Conf, pp. 324–327, 2009.


In this paper a discrete-variable optimization methodology for the automatic design of CMOS integrated spiral inductors is introduced. The use of discrete variable optimization procedure offers the designer the possibility for exploring the design space exclusively in those points available for the technology under use. Further user-defined constraints between layout parameters may also be incorporated as a way of taking into account design heuristics. A comparison between using discrete-variable optimization and a continuous optimization procedure followed by a discretization of the results is presented, where the benefits of the proposed methodology are presented. An application using the proposed methodology was developed in Matlab and the optimization toolbox is used. For the sake of simplicity the pi-model has been used for characterizing the inductor. The validity of the design results is checked against circuit simulation with ASITIC.



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