Sustainable Housing Techno-Economic Feasibility Application

Francisco, R., P. Pereira, and J. Martins, "Sustainable Housing Techno-Economic Feasibility Application", Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2011, vol. 349, Costa de Caparica - Portugal, Springer Boston, pp. 445-454, 2011.


The high prices currently achieved in the acquisition of non-renewable energy for electricity production and the low levels of energy efficiency in the housing sector are the national situation, which leads the Portuguese government to encourage the acquisition, the installation and the use of technologies which exploit indigenous and renewable energy. This study presents an application that was developed in order to help the citizen in his decision to invest in renewable technologies in their homes. The application is able to elaborate an economic analysis based on the selected type of renewable technology, providing the user with the knowledge of benefits and the annual costs involved in the system that he selected. This tool aims at facilitating the interaction of any user with such technologies and it can be used as a helpful tool to support the decision of investment in such systems.



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