PSO-Based Design of RF Integrated Inductor

Pereira, P., F. Coito, and H. Fino, "PSO-Based Design of RF Integrated Inductor", Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2012, vol. 372, Costa de Caparica - Portugal, Springer Boston, pp. 475-482, 2012.


This paper addresses an optimization-based approach for the design of RF integrated inductors. The methodology presented deals with the complexity of the design problem by formulating it as a multi-objective optimization. The multi-modal nature of the underlying functions combined with the need to be able to explore design trade-offs leads to the use of niching methods. This allows exploring not only the best trade-off solutions lying on the Pareto-optimum surface but also the quasi-optimum solutions that would be otherwise discarded. In this paper we take advantage of the niching properties of lbest PSO algorithm using ring topology to devise a simple optimizer able to find the local-optima. For the efficiency of the process analytical models are used for the passive/active devices. In spite the use of physics-based analytical expressions for the evaluation of the lumped elements, the variability of the process parameters is ignored in the optimization stage due to the significant computational burden it involves. Thus in the final stage both the Pareto-optimum solutions and the quasi-optimum solutions are evaluated with respect to the sensitivity to process parameter variations.



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