Power quality and long life education

Cardoso, T., P. Pereira, V. Fernao Pires, and J. F. Martins, "Power quality and long life education", Industrial Electronics (ISIE), 2014 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on, Istanbul - Turkey, pp. 2224 - 2228, 2014/06.

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This paper presents a remote laboratory linked with mobile devices for real data analysis on the field of power quality. A global system was developed from the power quality analyzer into the human machine interface devoted to the m-learning system. This m-learning system is intended to be used in a long life learning perspective. The developed remote laboratory is a good opportunity for people, even without deep knowledge on the field, to learn power quality principles in an applied way. Since the system is based on real data, is a good approach to give trainees practical knowledge on the field.


DOI: 10.1109/ISIE.2014.6864963

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