LC-VCO design methodology based on evolutionary algorithms

Pereira, P., H. Fino, and M. Ventim-Neves, "LC-VCO design methodology based on evolutionary algorithms", Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design (SMACD), 2012 International Conference on, Seville - Spain, pp. 189 - 192, 2012/sept..

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In his paper the design of LC-VCOs is addressed. Due to the high-density integration needs as well as to low cost fabrication, RF applications are usually implemented in CMOS technology. However, this technology development brought up several issues such as the degradation of on-chip LC tank quality factor, yielding VCO's phase noise limitation. To overcome phase-noise limitations, optimization design methodologies are usually used. Since electromagnetic simulations are timely expensive, model based approaches are needed. In this work the characterization of the oscillator behaviour is guaranteed by a set of analytical models describing each circuit element performance. A set of working examples for UMC130 technology, aiming the VCO phase noise and power consumption optimization, is addressed. The results presented, spotlight the potential of the proposed design methodology, combined with a GA optimization procedure, for an accurate and timely efficient oscillator design. The accuracy of the results is checked against HSPICE/RF simulator.



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