LC-VCO Design Challenges in the Nano-Era

Pereira, P., H. Fino, M. Fakhfakh, F. Coito, and M. Ventim-Neves, "LC-VCO Design Challenges in the Nano-Era", Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Circuit Systematic Design, vol. 233: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 363-379, 2013.


The progressive scaling of CMOS technology towards nanometre sizes has made the implementation of highly integrated systems for the wireless communication systems possible. Additionally, higher speed, lower power consumption and area reduction has been reached. Due to the high-density integration needs, as well as to low cost fabrication, RF applications, such as the LC-voltage controlled oscillator (LC-VCO), are usually implemented in CMOS technology. The complexity of designing LC-VCOs has lead to the development of several design methodologies. This chapter introduces an optimization based methodology for the design of LC-VCOs, where its efficiency is granted by the use of analytical models to characterize the active and passive elements’ behaviour.


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