Automatic generation of RF integrated inductors analytical characterization

Pereira, P., M. H. Fino, and M. Ventim-Neves, "Automatic generation of RF integrated inductors analytical characterization", Symbolic and Numerical Methods, Modeling and Applications to Circuit Design (SM2ACD), 2010 XIth International Workshop on, pp. 1-4, oct., 2010.

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This paper addresses the automatic generation of RF integrated inductors model. In this work the double p-model is used as a way of characterizing the inductor behaviour over a frequency range beyond the self-resonant value. For the evaluation of the model element values analytical expressions based on technology parameters as well as on the device geometric characteristics are used. The use of a technology-based methodology for the evaluation of the model parameters grants the adaptability of the models generated to any technology. The inductor analytical characterization is integrated into an optimization-based tool for the automatic design of RF integrated inductors. This tool uses a Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization procedure, where user defined constraints on the design parameters are taken into account. Due to the design constraints nature and topology constraints, discrete variables optimization techniques are used.



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