Replaying Distributed Applications with RPVM

Lourenço, J. M., and J. C. Cunha, "Replaying Distributed Applications with RPVM", Proceeding of the 2nd Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems (DAPSYS'98): University of Vienna, 1998.


Parallel debugging is complex and difficult. Complex because the programmer has to deal with multiple program flows and process interactions, and difficult due to the very limited choice on effective and easy-to-use debugging tools for parallel programming. Simple and necessary features for parallel debugging are absent even from commercial debuggers, such as a record-replay feature, that allows to re-execute multiple times a parallel application assuring that during each re-execution the internal race conditions are solved in the same way they were in the first time. Some work has been done on record-replay techniques for parallel and distributed applications, but just a few have been applied to specific systems (such as PVM or MPI), and even less have produced working prototypes. In this paper we describe a method designed to work with the PVM system and how it was implemented to provide a working prototype.



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