Special issue on Testing, Analysis and Debugging of Concurrent Programs

Farchi, E., R. M. Hierons, and J. M. Lourenço, "Special issue on Testing, Analysis and Debugging of Concurrent Programs", Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 165–166, May, 2015.


This special issue concerns a range of issues related to the development of concurrent programs. This is an important topic, because many systems are now either multi-threaded or distributed, and it is well known that concurrency makes testing, analysis and debugging significantly more complicated. Essentially, the alternative interleavings of events can lead to different behaviours, and so any analysis, debugging or testing technique must consider these interleavings. The interest in this topic is reflected in the larger than normal issue, which contains five papers. The papers fall into three groups: we start with a paper on debugging, then have two on static analysis techniques and finally have two on testing. All papers were reviewed in the normal way.



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