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I started a blog [1] about writing technical documents, including tips and tricks on how to use LaTeX LaTeX and the NOVAthesis template to write good looking dissertations.  Have a look



The Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, Applications, and Tools (MUSEPAT) technical track is part of the 31st ACM/SIGAPP Sym

UNL Thesis Template (release 3.0.3)

The release 3.0.3 is available at github

2015-07-29 — Version 3.0.3

UNL Thesis Template (release 2.4.5)

The release 2.4.5 is available at github

Lots of styles

  • Support for multiple institutions: unl/fct(*) ul/ist
  • Added lots of styles: bianchi bluebox brotherton dash default elegant(*) ell ger hansen jenor lyhne madsen pedersen veelo vz14 vz34 vz43
  • Added official guidelines for UNL-FCT and UL-IST

Participation in INForum 2015

Three of my students had their papers accepted in INForum 2015.

T. Vale, R. J. Dias, J. A. Silva, J. M. Lourenco. Execução concorrente e determinista de transações. To appear in Proceedings of INForum 2015. Covilhã, Portugal. Sep 2015.

R. Monteiro, J. A. Silva, J. M. Lourenco, H. Paulino. Armazenamento Distribuído para uma Rede de Dispositivos Móveis. To appear in Proceedings of INForum 2015. Covilhã, Portugal. Sep 2015.

UNL thesis LaTeX template v2.2.0

The newest version of the LaTeX template for thesis at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (unlthesis) is now hosted at github and has many new features. Check the releases page and dowload the latest version from there.

UNL thesis LaTeX template

The newest version of the LaTeX template for thesis at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (unlthesis) is now hosted at github and has many new features. There is a link for downloading a ZIP with the latest version.

Three more MSc students concluded their thesis

My last three MSc students of 2012-13 concluded their MSc thesis with the public defense on December 18th and 19th.

João Martins, with a dissertation entitled “Monitoring of Transactional Memory Programs”. Final grade of 17 (over 20) points.

Joana Roque, with a dissertation entitled “Um Estudo de Performance de uma Ferramenta de Object/Relational Mapping”. Final grade of 16 (over 20) points.

Diogo Sousa, with a dissertation entitled “Preventing Atomicity Violations with Contracts”. Final grade of 19 (over 20) points.

Helder Martins has concluded his MSc

Helder Martins was the first of my current MSc students (co-advised by Nuno Preguiça)  to have the public defense of his MSc dissertation entitled "Distributed Replicated Macro-Components". Final grade of 17 (over 20) points.

MUSEPAT 2013 call-for-papers is out

The Call for Papers for the International Conference on Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools  (MUSEPAT 2013) was published today to some of the major scientific event calendars.

MUSEPAT 2013 website is up

Starting in 2013, The PADTAD Workshop Series will be merged with the MSEPT Conference to become the MUSEPAT Conference. MUSEPAT 2013, the International Conference on Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools, will be co-located with ESEC/FSE 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia on August 21, 2012.

Best Paper Award at HVC 2012

The paper
"Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations",
co-autored with my MSc and PhD students Vasco Pessanha and Ricardo Dias, has received the Best Paper Award at the Haifa verification Conference 2012, one of the most prestigious venue for the Software and Hardware verification scientific communities.

I want to acknowledge my gratitude to Vasco and Ricardo for their high quality work in this topic.

Tiago Vale has concluded his MSc in Computer Science

Last Friday, Oct 26th, my student Tiago Vale defnended his MSc thesis in Computer Science, and was awarded with the highest possible final grade (20 points).  I am really proud of both, Tiago and Ricardo Dias, whose contribution to the technical and scientific advising of Tiago was a key contribution to this success.

Tiago is now starting his PhD under my advising.