A Debugging Engine for Parallel and Distributed Programs

Lourenço, J. M., "A Debugging Engine for Parallel and Distributed Programs", Universidade Nova de Lisboa: Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, 2004.

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PhD thesis


In the last decade a considerable amount of research work has focused on distributed debugging, one of the crucial fields in the parallel software development cycle. The productivity of the software development process strongly depends on the adequate definition of what debugging tools should be provided, and what debugging methodologies and functionalities should these tools support. The work described in this dissertation was initiated in 1995, in the context of two research projects, the SEPP (Software Engineering for Parallel Processing) and HPCTI (High-Performance Computing Tools for Industry), both sponsored by the European Union in the Copernicus program, which aimed at the design and implementation of an integrated parallel software development environment. In the context of these projects, two independent toolsets have been developed, the GRADE and EDPEPPS parallel software development environments. Our contribution to these projects was in the debugging support. We have designed a debugging engine and developed a prototype, which was integrated the both toolsets (it was the only tool developed in the context of the SEPP and HPCTI projects which achieved such a result). Even after the closing of those research projects, further research work on distributed debugger has been carried on, which conducted to the re-design and re-implementation of the debugging engine. This dissertation describes the debugging engine according to its most up-to-date design and implementation stages. It also reposts some of the experimental work made with both the initial and the current implementations, and how it contributed to validate the design and implementations of the debugging engine.



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