{Syngas production by electrochemical CO<inf>2</inf> reduction in an ionic liquid based-electrolyte}

Pardal, T., S. Messias, M. Sousa, A. S. R. Machado, C. M. Rangel, D. Nunes, J. V. Pinto, R. Martins, and M. N. {Da Ponte}, "{Syngas production by electrochemical CO2 reduction in an ionic liquid based-electrolyte}", Journal of CO2 Utilization, vol. 18, 2017.


© 2017 Elsevier Ltd. Graphical abstract: The electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide dissolved in a solution of water and ionic liquid as electrolyte, at high-pressure and near room-temperature, is reported. This work describes an electro-deposition strategy for the preparation of copper substrate cathodes, coated with bimetallic zinc-copper films, obtained from deep-eutectic solvents plating baths. The prepared bimetallic cathodes showed electrochemical activity for syngas production in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium triflate, with yields of 85N$μ$L (normal microliter)cm−2C−1/170N$μ$Lcm−2h−1, high selectivities, tunable H2/CO ratio and low energetic requirements.