• Impacts of fluctuating energy supply on production processes and thus on the companies’ work organization

  • Synergie project – Kopernikus programme (BMBF)

Set 2016 – Dezembro 2019

BMBF (Ministério da Ciência e Investigação, Alemanha)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Stuttgart, University of Augsburg


The SynErgie projects aims to provide, within the next ten years and in line with all legal and social aspects, all the technical and market-related preconditions to synchronize the energy demand of the German industry to a significant extent with the volatile energy supply. In this way, SynErgie contributes to the socially accepted and cost-efficient realization of the energy transition based on renewable energies. The knowledge obtained also allows Germany to evolve into an international lead provider of flexible industry processes and technologies. SynErgie expands the existing comprehensive measures of the German industry related to energy efficiency with regard to the requirements of a flexible energetic demand. With this novel concept we can achieve an efficient synchronization of the future energy demand of production processes with the fluctuating supply. This results in improved conditions for the companies’ energy procurement and opens up additional, useful, and easily available flexible capacities for the electricity system. The strengthening of existing and the exploitation of new flexibility potentials through innovative and novel technical solutions forms the basis for the energy synchronization platform. This platform regulates and controls the energy distribution within the production system and reacts highly dynamically to the electricity system’s flexibility requirements. In order to cover the energy demand in a cost-optimized way, the companies participate actively in the electricity market and influence the production planning predictively. Based on a freely selectable level of automation, operating reserve and flexible energy procurement are transferred into offers for the electricity system and are efficiently marketed in the industrial plants.