Fine-grained glass-ceramics obtained by crystallisation of vitrified coal ashes

Ferro, M. C., C. Leroy, R. C. C. Monteiro, and M. H. V. Fernandes. "Fine-grained glass-ceramics obtained by crystallisation of vitrified coal ashes." Key Engineering Materials. 230-232 (2002): 408-411.


Coal fly ashes have been vitrified by melting with Na2O and CaO as fluxing additives. Adequate heat treatments on the fly ash derived glass produced attractive dark green glass-ceramics. These glass-ceramics exhibited fine-grained microstructures consisting of esseneite and nepheline crystals, with average size below 200 nm, homogeneously dispersed in a residual glassy matrix. Several properties, such as density, thermal expansion coefficient, bending strength, hardness and brittleness index were determined and the correlation microstructure-properties is discussed. The results suggest that these coal ash-based glass-ceramics have potential applications as structural materials or as cladding materials.


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