I am an Assistant Researcher at the "Biological Chemistry @ FCT-UNL" group.
The group is led by José J.G. Moura and Isabel Moura and is hosted at LAQV, REQUIMTE,
Department of Chemistry, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL).

My research activity has been focused on:
• Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) metabolism
      – Mammalian formation/consumption of ROS/RNS,
          nitric oxide radical, superoxide anion radical and peroxides (hydrogen and lipidics)
      – Mechanisms of ROS/RNS-mediated diseases,
          namely in the pathologies associated with vascular dysfunction and alcohol hepatotoxicity
• Human signalling pathways
      – Novel pathways of formation/consumption of signalling molecules, namely nitric oxide
      – In vitro studies with purified rat liver and human liver xanthine oxidase, xanthine
          dehydrogenase and aldehyde oxidase
      – In situ studies with human cell lines
• New catalytic activities of molybdoenzymes
      – NADH oxidation, nitrite reduction, nitric oxide formation, carbon dioxide reduction (carbon dioxide scavenging)
      – Mechanistic and kinetic studies
      – Mammalian and bacterial enzymes
• Structure-activity relationships in metalloenzymes
      – Mechanistic and kinetic studies
      – Small proteins mimetics (molybdenum-substituted rubredoxin)
      – Mammalian and bacterial enzymes (rat and human liver xanthine oxidase, xanthine
          dehydrogenase and aldehyde oxidase, bovine xanthine oxidase, Desulfovibrio aldehyde
          oxidoreductases and formate dehydrogenases, Marinobacter nitric oxide reductase)