Luisa Maia is an Assistant Researcher at LAQV, ReQuimTe, NOVA School of Science and Technology (CEEC-IND Program). She received her Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical and Clinical Biochemistry from the Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), for work on the characterisation of molybdenum-containing enzymes relevant to human health and disease.

As of January/2021: Luisa has a total of 45 publications: 30 articles in international journal with scientific refereeing (24 since 2014), 1 published as a 'Hot Paper', 6 book chapters (all since 2014) and 9 conferences abstracts (4 since 2014). She is corresponding author in 14 publications and first author in 22. Luisa is also co-editor of 2 Books, one Royal Society of Chemistry Book and one Springer Book; she is Guest-Editor of 2 special issues, one in the J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. (gathered 22 articles) and one in Catalysts (ongoing). She also actively participates in several international and national conferences and has 4 science divulgation publications in national journals and magazines (in Portuguese language). Luisa has been actively participating in several R&D Projects and has experience in student supervision (Post-Doc, PhD, Master and Undergraduate students).

Luisa Maia current research interests are focused on metalloenzymes. She has been working with enzymes and small proteins (enzyme models), from bacterial and mammalian sources, performing mostly kinetic and mechanistic characterisations, but also studies to access the physiological role of human molybdoenzymes. Her recent efforts have been dedicated to the study of the new human nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. She is also studying formate dehydrogenases, aiming to use these molybdoenzymes to develop new catalysts for the conversion of the atmospheric carbon dioxide into added-value compounds. Simultaneously, she is also collaborating in the spectroscopic and kinetic characterisation of different biological and inorganic systems, containing iron, copper, nickel and other metals.

FIELDS OF KNOWLEDGE: Biochemistry; Enzymology; Bioinorganic Chemistry; Spectroscopy

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