Topic 1: Support Tools and Environments

Dikaiakos, M., O. Rana, S. Ur, and J. M. Lourenço, "Topic 1: Support Tools and Environments", Euro-Par 2008 Parallel Processing, vol. 5168, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag, pp. 1–2, 2008.


The spread of systems that provide parallelism either «in-the-large» (grid infrastructures, clusters) or «in-the-small» (multi-core chips), creates new opportunities for exploiting parallelism in a wider spectrum of application domains. However, the increasing complexity of parallel and distributed platforms renders the programming, the use, and the management of these systems a costly endeavor that requires advanced expertise and skills. Therefore, there is an increasing need for powerful support tools and environments that will help end-users, application programmers, software engineers and system administrators to manage the increasing complexity of parallel and distributed platforms.



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