NGenVM: New Generation Execution Environments

Lourenço, J. M., N. Preguiça, R. J. Dias, J. N. Silva, J. Garcia, and L. Veiga, "NGenVM: New Generation Execution Environments", EuroSys, Nuremberg, Germany, 2009.


This document describes a work-in-progress development of NGen-VM, a distributed infrastructure that manages execution environments with run-time and programming language support targeting applications developed in the Java programming language, deployed over clusters of many-core computers. For each running application or suite of related applications, a dedicated single-system image will be provided, regardless of the concurrent threads running on a single machine (on several cores) or scattered on different computers. Such system images rely on a single model for concurrency management (Transactional Shared Memory Model), in order fill the gap between the hardware infrastructure of clusters of many-core nodes and the application runtime that is independent from that hardware infrastructure. Interactions between threads in the same tasks will be supported by a Transactional Memory framework that provides the programming language with Atomic and Isolated code regions. Interactions between thread on different machines will also use the Transactional Memory model, but now resorting to a Distributed Shared Memory abstraction.


Poster presented at EuroSys'2009

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