A graphical development and debugging environment for parallel programs

Kacsuk, P., J. C. Cunha, G. Dózsa, J. M. Lourenço, T. Fadgyas, and T. Antão, "A graphical development and debugging environment for parallel programs", Parallel Comput., vol. 22, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Netherlands, Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., pp. 1747–1770, 1997.


To provide high-level graphical support for PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) based program development, a complex programming environment (GRADE) is being developed. GRADE currently provides tools to construct, execute, debug, monitor and visualise message-passing parallel programs. It offers high-level graphical programming abstraction mechanism to construct parallel applications by introducing a new graphical language called GRAPNEL. GRADE also provides the programmer with the same graphical user interface during the program design and debugging stages. A distributed debugging engine (DDBG) assists the user in debugging GRAPNEL programs on distributed memory computer architectures. Tape/PVM and PROVE support the performance monitoring and visualization of parallel programs developed in the GRADE environment.



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