A Framework to Support Parallel and Distributed Debugging

Cunha, J. C., J. M. Lourenço, J. Vieira, B. Moscão, and D. Pereira, "A Framework to Support Parallel and Distributed Debugging", Proceedings of the International Conference and Exhibition on High-Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN'98), London, UK, Springer-Verlag, pp. 708–717, 1998.


We discuss debugging prototypes that can easily support new functionalities, depending on the requirements of high-level computational models, and allowing a coherent integration with other tools in a software engineering environment. Concerning the first aspect, we propose a framework that identifies two distinct levels of functionalities that should be supported by a parallel and distributed debugger using: a process and thread-level, and a coordination level concerning sets of processes or threads. An incremental approach is used to effectively develop prototypes that support both functionalities. Concerning the second aspect, we discuss how the interfacing with other tools has influenced the design of a process-level debugging interface (PDBG) and a distributed monitoring and control layer called (DAMS).



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