A Debugging Engine for a Parallel and Distributed Environment

Cunha, J. C., J. M. Lourenço, and T. Antão, "A Debugging Engine for a Parallel and Distributed Environment", Proceedings of the 1st Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems (DAPSYS'96), Wien, Austria, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, KFKI, pp. 111–118, 1996.


This paper describes a debugging interface that has been developed for a parallel software engineering environment and that was developed on top of the PVM environment in the scope of the SEPP and HPCTI projects of the COPERNICUS Program. The main goal of this interface is to provide the basic debugging functionalities that are required by some components of that environment. We give special attention to the requirements posed by high-level tools of the environment, and to the need of providing a flexible debugging support layer that can be suitably adapted and extended. We present the system logical architecture and the interface specification of the debugging engine. We discuss its interfacing with other components of the environment, namely a graphical editor for the GRAPNEL visual parallel programming language, and a testing tool. We finally describe current work on the improvement of the debugging engine. Keywords: Debugging, monitoring, parallel processing, software tools.



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