Crowd-Sourcing Mobile Devices to Provide Storage in Edge-Clouds

Silva, J. A., H. Paulino, and J. M. Lourenço, "Crowd-Sourcing Mobile Devices to Provide Storage in Edge-Clouds", Proceedings of the Doctoral Symposium of the 16th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking, Jan, 2015.

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Given the proliferation and enhanced capabilities of mobile devices, their computational and storage resources can now be combined in a wireless cloud of nearby mobile devices, a mobile edge-cloud. These clouds are of particular interest in low connectivity scenarios, e.g., sporting events and disaster scenarios. In these dynamic clouds it is necessary to reliably disseminate and share data, and also to offload data processing computations to other devices in the edge-cloud. We are particularly interested in supporting storage services in these new type of edge-clouds, as a mean to enable data sharing, dissemination and querying, as well as to serve as a distributed file system for offloaded computations. In this Ph.D. thesis, we propose to address these questions by researching on the usage of ad-hoc clouds of mobile devices to develop an efficient storage service capable of providing high availability and reliability.



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