Tiago Antão (1996)

BSc Student


BSc report: Depuração de Progamas Concorrentes em PVM (Debugging of Concurrent Progams Using PVM)
Internship at: DI - FCT - UNL
Period: March 1996 — July 1996
Grade: 19/20
Papers: Parallel Computing (DOI), JSA (DOI)Abstract: This work targets the development of a debugging tool for parallel programs showing how the requirements posed by high-level tools for parallel program development have influenced the design of the debugging system since its early stages of development. We concentrate our attention upon the interfacing of the debugger with other tools of a parallel software engineering environment, namely a graphical programming language and a testing and debugging tool. This is illustrated with the results of our experimentation with the design and implementation of DDBG, a debugger for the PVM environment.