Current PhD Student
Student Opportunities   ( )

Student Opportunities ( )

If you are a student and would like to join our team, and do some quality and interesting research, please contact me and provide some information about yourself. I'll be happy to discuss with you how can you contribute to the team research plan.
Tiago M. Vale (expected 2016)

Tiago M. Vale (expected 2016)

PhD Student

PhD dissertation: Distributed Transactional Memory in the Cloud: Replication, Balancing, and Migration
School: DI - FCT - UNL
Period: Sep 2013 — Sep 2016 (expected)
Papers and Articles: Euro-Par'12 (DOI) [distinguished paper award]
Papers in national conferences: INForum'12 (link)
Work context: Synergy-VM project (funded by the National Science Foundation, PI: Prof. João Lourenço)

João Silva (expected 2017)

João Silva (expected 2017)

PhD Studen

PhD dissertation topic: Partial Replication with Transactional Memory
Co-adviser: Prof. Hervé Paulino

School: DI - FCT - UNL
Period: Sep 2013 — Sep 2017 (expected)
Papers and Articles: