Mauro Lima (2007)

BSc Student


BSc report: GALDYNSIM - Galileo Flight Dynamics Facility External Interfaces Simulator
Internship at: Critical Software S.A., Lisboa, Portugal
Period: March 2007 — July 2007
Grade: 16/20

This report is a part of Final Project course of Computer Science in Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. During the last six months I have integrated the Fligth Dynamics Facility Team at Critical Software, as an intern, with the purpose of developing an application called GALDYNSIM – Galileo Flight Dynamics Facility External Interface Simulator. The purpose of this application was to be used as validation tool of another application developed by the FDF Team called Flight Dynamics Facility External Interfaces. That is a component of the Flight Dynamics Facility element, part of the Ground Control Segment of the European Space Agency project GALILEO. In that period I experienced what it is like working in a office environment, I learned the several stages of software development, as well as some quality policies. My internship was divided in five phases, integration in the company, documents review, code development, validation and internship report.