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Rosa, V., A. P. S. Gaspari, F. Folgosa, C. M. Cordas, P. Tavares, T. Santos-Silva, S. Barroso, and T. Avilés. "Imine ligands based on ferrocene: Synthesis, structural and Mössbauer characterization and evaluation as chromogenic and electrochemical sensors for Hg2+." New Journal of Chemistry. 42.5 (2018): 3334-3343. AbstractWebsite
Ramos, S., R. M. Almeida, C. M. Cordas, JJG Moura, S. R. Pauleta, and I. Moura. "Insights into the recognition and electron transfer steps in nitric oxide reductase from Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus." Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. 177 (2017): 402-411. AbstractWebsite
Ramanaiah, S. V., C. M. Cordas, S. Matias, and L. P. Fonseca. "In situ electrochemical characterization of a microbial fuel cell biocathode running on wastewater." Catalysts. 11.7 (2021). AbstractWebsite
Dall'Agnol, L. T., C. M. Cordas, and JJG Moura. "Influence of respiratory substrate in carbon steel corrosion by a Sulphate Reducing Prokaryote model organism." Bioelectrochemistry. 97 (2014): 43-51. AbstractWebsite