Research collaborations

Maria João Romão, XTAL Group Leader, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Protein-carbohydrate interactions

Angelina Palma, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Carlos Fontes, CIISA-FMV-UL and NZYTech

Eurico Cabrita, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Paula Videira, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Maria João Ramos, UCIBIO-FC-UP

Natércia Brás, UCIBIO-FC-UP

Filipa Marcelo, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Proteins from P53 family

Lucília Saraiva, UCIBIO-FF-UP

Magnetic nanoparticles for protein purification and crystallization

Ana Cecília Roque, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Cytochrome c peroxidases

Sofia Pauleta, UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

Membranes for crystallization

João Paulo Crespo, LAQV-FCT-NOVA

Isabel Coelhoso, LAQV-FCT-NOVA