Summer courses

The 6th edition of the "Hands-on Course from Proteomicsto Proteins" will be held on July 2020 in The Caparica Campus, near Costa da Caparica. Please send an email for further enquires.

PhD positions / Master and BSc thesis Projects

There are currently available positions for Ph.D. Students (in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology). Contact Sofia Pauleta (srp(at)fct.unl.ptfor further information. Application end 15th March.

PhD Scholarships - PTNMRPhD

PhD Program - PTNMRPhD. Please check the webpage of the PhD program for application and further details.

One position open within one of the following projects. Please contact Sofia Pauleta for further information.


1. Detoxification of hydrogen peroxide by pathogenic bacteria.

2. Ancient FeS biogenesis system.