Leader of Nanophysics/Nanotechnology for Energy Research Laboratory (N2E)

at NOVA School of Science and Technology (Campus de Caparica)

This laboratory represents FCT-NOVA and UNINOVA stakeholders in the following  lists of collaborative networks:

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance Members

HYLAB – collaborative hydrogen laboratory

C5LAB - Sustainable Construction Materials Association

Integrated Member of National Science Foundation (FCT)

Research Organizations

 - Center of Technology and Systems (CTS-Uninova) (presently)

- Institute of Science and Engineering of Materrials and Surfaces (ICEMS-IST)

Molecular Physics Center of the Portuguese Universities (INIC)

Relevant Milestones (authored or co-authored):


- 1991 – Electron Transfer in Atom-Polyatomic Molecule Collisions

- 1998 – Atomic Force Microscopy grooving method for measuring in-situ thicknesses of soft ultra-thin films.

- 1999 – Photodynamics in intra-cluster van der Walls complexes.

- 2001- Electron Transfer Collisions in Oriented Beams of Molecules

- 2003- Observation of plasmons by SNOM.

- 2005 – Formation of carbon nanotubes by laser pyrolysis

- 2007 – Functionalization of Nanocarbons

- 2010 – Oxidation Dynamics with Oriented Molecular Beams of Oxygen

- 2015 – Innovative Thermal Desorption Technique for Monitoring Nano-absorved Lowermost Amounts Hydrogen in Solid Samples (MB-TDS).

- 2017 – Detection of Anomalous Nanostructures in Atmospheric Precipitation.

- 2018 – Nanotribology of Inorganic Nanopowders

- 2019 – Self-assembly of carbon nanotubes in the form of yarns without using chemical solvents.

- 2020 – Carbon Nanoelectrocatalysts Assemblies

- 2021 – Energy Efficiency in Hydrogen Production

Main Interests:


Nanophysics and Nano-Engineering in Sustainable Energy

Renewable Hydrogen Electrolysis and Hydrogen Storage

Energy Efficiency and Irreversible Thermodynamics

Carbon Nanotechnology 

Nanocatalysts and Electrocatalysis

Plasma Kinetics

Near-Field Scanning Probes and Interactions

Nanoscopy and Nanometrology of Nano-objects

Laser Spectroscopy and Plasmonics

Nanoparticle Formation from Gas Phase

Electron-Transfer Processes

Energy Harvesting